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Miniature Monday#30: Revisiting the Kitty Cafe

I could really use better lighting to get rid of all the shadows in my photos....BUT, that's neither here nor there!  

Once again, Nik welcomes you to the Kitty Cafe: where cute comes with your choice of concoction!  Last time she introduced you to the cafe fridge HERE.  Today, she'd like to show you the whole shebang.  Since it's a Kitty Cafe, it has a Hello Kitty theme.  The miniatures, including the display case, table and chairs are care of Rement.  Amazingly detailed stuff.  The two tree stumps on top of each other next to the display case were Liv doll accessories.  It was fun putting this together but I thought the cafe could use a not-so-green background so I tried something different.  

This is my re-imagined Kitty Cafe!  Whatcha think????


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