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Doll Tale Thursday #19: Lonely Lisa

Lonly Lisa with her new friend, Rosco

18" Lonely Lisa
by Royal Doll Company

I love how Lisa's not your typical happy doll.  I first glimpsed her on Flickr a little over a year ago and was instantly drawn by her eyes and her pursed lips.  Her facial screening pulls off the Margaret Keane art style very nicely.  And to think I never even heard of Margaret Keane until Lonely Lisa.  Lisa was so closely compared to Keane's drawings that I had to go and make a google search!

I was in love with this doll and I had to have her!  Unfortunately, she was first released in 1964, making her vintage and quite rare these days, especially in good condition.  Luckily, she pops up on Ebay once in a while.  With a bit of patience, I finally managed to snag one, and she's in a very good condition to boot!

My Lisa is currently the tallest and the oldest doll in my doll family.  She's missing a shoe and it looks like the stuffing inside her soft cloth body has somewhat shrunken from old age that she needs to be restuffed in the near future.  Other than that, she's great!  Her face paint is perfect.  Her vinyl head, arms and legs are free from scratches and discoloration.  Minus some red dye bleeding on the white collar, her dress is in fairly good condition that the front pleats are still there.  She's a good example of a quality doll from the 60's.

She travelled all the way from Illinois.  As far as I can trace, I am her third owner.  She was bought by her previous owner, who is also a doll collector, from an estate sale many years ago.  What I like about owning vintage dolls is the thought of second chances, allowing them to do what they do best: be loved over and over again.  

Here's what a Lonely Lisa original tag says:

My arms long to hold you
I'll bend to your touch
Please take me home
I'll love you so much
I'm lonely


  1. I love Lisa's real child look. Her hair is not over thick as with many dolls and her expression is so wistful. A great little lady.

  2. Thank you Eliana and welcome to my blog!

    Jenann, I absolutely agree with you!

  3. can you help me get my lonely lisa's hair from being all frizzed??? other than that she's in good shape. I an 58 and had her forever,,, theresa

    1. Hello there. My Lisa never really had such frizzy hair. I've heard of hair boiling method for Barbie but have never tried it on such a doll like Lonely Lisa. I know using fabric softener to wash doll hair can help make it softer.

  4. I want to sell my doll. Can you give me advise?


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