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Groovin with Francie

Dealer Exclusive, Check Please Francie 2011

She took a while to come home but she made it and I couldn't be happier.  I looked forward to a silkstone-bodied Francie doll for the longest time and now she's finally here!  Hmm, let's nitpick a little....

I thought the biggest problem with the very first Francie repro was the head mold.  It's nice to know that many years later, the new silkstone Francie mold seems to be closer in shape to the original.  I love the fact that the new head swivels not just side to side but also up and down.

Check Please Francie [2011] and Bendleg Francie [1966]

The major difference this time around is in the eyes.  The original has bigger eyes that curves down at the corners, giving her a softer look while the new one is slightly smaller and is turned up at the corners, making her look more awake.  Also, silkstone Francie has painted lashes all over the place even though she's got rooted lashes like the original.  I think she would have been fine without those painted on ones.

Check Please Francie [2011] and Straightleg Francie [1966]

In terms of hairstyle, the new Francie's got a wild shaggy flip compared to the tamed flip of the original.  Plus, I could barely put on Check Please Francie's hat because her hair was so damn thick at the crown!  Somebody from the factory got a little excited with that.  I must say, I'm pretty partial to the original doll's hair style.

Check Please Francie wearing Snake Charmer outfit

The great news is that the new silkstone Francie body size stays true to the original.  Therefore, she can share clothes with 1966 Francie.  And because she's silkstone, putting stockings on her is a breeze.  Putting stockings on an original bendleg doll can be such a pain as it sticks to her rubbery legs rather than slip on.  And did you notice the new hand mold?  Beautifully shaped!

Check Please Francie may not be completely up to par with the original.  I didn't expect her to be, though I commend Mattel for trying.  But she's a very good reflection of what 1966 Francie was all about: sweet yet sassy and unmistakably mod.


  1. Not bad! My biggest nitpick would be the eyes. They change Francie too much from the face I fell in love with. Oh, well. :)

  2. Hello from Spain: the red clothes and of the new Francine enchant to me white. Congratulations by your new doll. I like much all the clothes that you have to them. We follow in contact of blog blog


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