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Miniature Monday#32: Jars of Sweets

Dynamite Girl Eltin with jars of sweets

Little Nunu was not the only one who walked away from the Toronto Miniature Show last October with a bunch of goodies.  The display case Eltin is exhibiting above with jars of colourful sweets from miniature cookies to donuts were also from the show.  In fact they were all bought from the same seller called Pacific Wood Imports.  I would have loved to take home more of the colorful mini sweets.  They had plenty!  I thought I had enough for the bigger jars.  Alas, I was wrong.

Pacific Wood Imports had such a variety of miniatures from cabinets to jars, to chairs, to plants and foods, that I could have spent hours on that particular kiosk picking and choosing.  Too bad they don't have a website.  I would have loved to link it to this post.

With regards to the display cabinet, I don't come across this in a fairly good doll scale too often in person.  So I tend to excitedly snatch what I find when it does come around.  It's an asset to have for all those accumulating food miniatures.  Not only do I get to enjoy viewing the minis next to my dolls, like the life-size versions, mini display cabinets are also a good way to organize the teeny stuff you have.

Happy Miniature Monday!


  1. I'm such a sucker for miniature replicas! So adorable! Thanks for sharing those! Isn't that outfit that Eltin is wearing by Souol? I love his fashions and am blessed to own some! :)

  2. I love Miniature Monday! Your sweets are so adorable, and I love the display cabinet. Now if only I could get my mitts on some of those cookies! ;-)

  3. Hello from Spain: I loved the candy jars and the display colors. The cake is real and super tasty. Very good photos. We remain in contact blog blog

  4. -[In a Dolly's World] Yes, it's a Souol fashion on Eltin. The only one by him I've got so far and I'm loving it.

    -Jennifer, maybe Mr. Raccoon could help you get past Eltin to get some of the cookies!

    -EbonyNicole, Marta, and Eliana, thank you!


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