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Suit Up Saturday #18: Colorful Nostalgia

Misty Mysterious Lalaloopsy as Rainbow Brite

Aaaah, fond memories...Gets me every time!

Ok, so who watched Rainbow Brite as a kid?  Raise your hands!!!  Come on!  Don't be shy!  Sure, the 80's cartoons were a bit cheesy.  But damn were they ever cute!  And you can't help looking back going, "Aaaaawwww, I remember a time when I didn't worry about money and wrinkles".  Good times!

When I saw this Rainbow Brite outfit for Lalaloopsy dolls, I immediately surrendered.  I used to own a Rainbow Brite doll.  Even though she was pretty beat-up, I'm still kicking myself, up to this day, for giving it away.  So now I just play-pretend one of my Lalaloopsy dolls is Rainbow Brite.

Meet Nim, my Misty Mysterious Lalaloopsy turned Rainbow Brite.  Her excellent cosplay attire was sewn by Linda of Duds For Dolls.  That rainbow on Nim's dress is embroidered on, which I thought was cool.  I appreciate that extra touch.  Her Etsy store can be seen HERE.  For an array of doll clothes for different sized dolls her website can be found HERE.

Have a bright, sun-shiney, color-filled weekend everyone!