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It may be getting colder outside but I'm still in denial and a new doll find had me inspired to photograph a "springy" atmosphere.

Front of the Box

I kept her name, Orchid, as written on the box.  Since I've been into big-eyed dolls lately I was instantly drawn to her.  The purple hair was a major plus.  Not to mention, her $5.00 price tag.  I found her at Samko yesterday, a seasonal toy warehouse, that seems to be around only during the months of September to December.

Back of the Box

Orchid is roughly about 12" tall, the typical fashion doll size.  She looks like a combination of a My Scene Barbie/Bratz dolls...though not quite as slutty looking.  When I look at her, I'm very much reminded of a more mature looking Tinker Bell.

Her hair could be fuller.  I didn't care much for the "scent".  I know she's supposed to be some kind of a nature girl but it couldn't have hurt to put nature sandals on her.  Other than that, she's pretty cute.  I love how it took me three seconds to get her off the box.  She had a plastic wrap on her hair, twisty tie on her waist and rubber bands on her feet to secure her.  Yet she was securely placed in her box.  If she was a Mattel doll, I would probably still be wrestling with her box right now, even with a pair of scissors on hand.

Happy "Springy" Monday!


  1. You're one of those people that can make me appreciate a doll I normally wouldn't.

  2. Hello from Spain: it did not know Orchid. It is very well of price. It is truth that the wrists of Mattell are very difficult to remove to d ela box. Your photos enchant to me and the green bottom that you put to them. We follow in contact of blog blog

  3. -Niel, I can't get into Manikaniko. Please, please, let me in!

    -Marta, thank you!


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