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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2011, Part 11

I'm sure some of us out there are dreaming of a white Christmas.  I personally don't like snow.  It's wet.  It's cold....Did I mention it's cold and wet?  Very pretty to look at once it starts to settle on the ground though.  Of course it also has its fun factor....For what is winter sledding without all that snow!  Twins, Ryssa and Reina, sure looks like they're enjoying themselves!


  1. Like the cute setup! I hope you have a very, Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Hello from Spain: the sleigh I have equal. I will also make photos with it but I do not have the snow. You had left very real and precious. In the zone of Spain in alive which it does not snow consequently we do not know what is the cold of the snow. You had left very pretty the scene.Your Twins, Ryssa and Reina ar very cute. The scenery enchants to me. We follow in contact of blog blog


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