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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2011, Part 12

Check Please Francie and Nighty Brights Francie Silkstone doll [2011]

I had almost lost hope that the silkstone Francie dolls wouldn't make the cut for this year's Twelve Dolls of Christmas.  Luckily, after much frustration [story for another day], Nighty Brights Francie came home just in time to join her sister doll for a photo shoot that I've had a visual sketch of from the beginning of the 2012 line-up.  I wasn't sure what number Francie would be in.  I just knew she had to be in there somewhere.  I guess she was meant to be the grand finale.

I hope you enjoyed the twelve-day doll sharing.  Since I started it a little late this year, it definitely got the noggin a bit of exercise on what to do next.  Dolls got yelled at.  Things got kicked.  A certain brain got fried along the way.  But, hey, it was fun!

THANK YOU for taking another year of my doll journey with me.  See you all next year!

And as always, from my family of dolls to yours....



  1. Hello from Spain: Hello from Spain. I like very much your silkstone Francie dolls.They are precious. You had left very pretty the scene. The scenery enchants to me. We follow in contact of blog blog

  2. Hi, hope you had a great Christmas!!!!
    Lovely dolls, love the pictures!
    Keep in touch :-)

  3. Love the kawaii pajamas and fun vintage scene! Happy new year! :-) Jennifer

  4. Merry Chistmas!
    Soooo cute! I need pajamas like those! *o*

  5. I like how you handled their hair (lol, I got the two of them too. took some work to make the hair decent after arrival). The braid/accessories look really really good like that.

  6. Forgot to ask, where'd you get the wonderful sofa/what kind is it?! Thanks!

  7. I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

    To Anonymous, thank you for stopping by. The couch in the background was a Nakano Broadway find in Japan, back in March. You can actually see its entirety in Miniature Monday #26.


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