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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2011, Part 3

Zef Almondy's been mad at me since last year because she didn't make the cut to the Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2010.  Now, she's a little more mad that her new AvantGuard doll sister Rin Pecanty started this year's run.  I figured it's time to show her some camera love.

Like Rin, Zef's wearing a santa-styled wine bottle cover.  It's actually very loose on the back but her hair is covering it.  Zef's just happy to be a part of this year's Christmas doll line-up.


  1. Hello from Spain: the photos of this entrance of Christmas enchant to me. The long and black hair I like much like the golden gift in. Very good photos, We followed in contact of blog blog

  2. She seems to be enjoying the limelight anyway ^-^ - Lovely pics, and I'd never have guessed the origins of her outfit!

  3. -Marta, always a pleasure to see you here!

    -Holly, thanks for stopping by!


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