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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2011, Part 9

1994 Happy Holiday Barbie

I'm cheating a bit here because the Barbie photo you see above was taken in January of this year.  I thought the shadowing caused by natural light was kinda cool.  I didn't actually get her until Christmas of last year that she couldn't join the Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2010.  Naturally, she had to make her appearance this year.  She was given to me by a co-worker.  I just utterly love people who encourage my madness!  It also makes the doll that much more special.


  1. This doll is very pretty, love the dress; we shall all continue the Madness...

  2. So cute! The classic super star mould face! *o*

  3. Merry Christmas Theresa and Helen! ♥

    All the best for a Happy New Year - we need to hang out again sometime soon! You haven't seen my new girls yet! ^__~"

  4. Hello from Spain: tI have that Barbie. The dress is precious. It brings very good memories to me. We follow in contact.


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