Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doll Tale Thursday #21: For the Love Doll Customizing

Former Berry Jars N' Jam [hair and cheeks repainted],
renamed Pistachio Parfait
Lalaloopsy doll

I meant to blog sooner, except I hurt my back last weekend and taking pictures was not really possible.  How did I hurt my back, you ask?  Well, it had to do with dolls, of course!

The Story.  So, a couple of friends have gifted me with Lalaloopsy dolls for Christmas.  They were doubles of dolls I already had, which worked out to my advantage.  Helen and I had been wanting to customize a Lalaloopsy for quite some time but we didn't want to experiment on what we had unless we had doubles.  To make this long story short, I painted one of the dolls as soon as I could get my hands on a craft paint.  She turned out better than expected and I excitedly decided to paint the other one when I got my hands on more craft paint.

Former Misty Mysterious [hair, eyes and cheeks repainted],
renamed Soda Fizzypop
Lalaloopsy doll

I got extremely confident and ambitious the second time around and went for a full make-over, from the two-tone hair, different colored eyes and shiny blushy cheeks.  I got paint-happy for sure!  You can tell my excitement from the unwanted paint that went past her bangs and left eye.  I still think she turned out nicely though.  I would like to eventually cover her cheek heart tattoo with a gemstone or something.

Original Berry Jars N' Jam with Pistachio Parfait

So, how did I get my back pain....Well, for one, I was doing all this customizing, sitting on the floor.  Bad bad me!  I guess I was so engrossed in painting.  I was sitting on the same crouched position for so long that I didn't even notice.  When I got up....there it was!  A stabbing pain on my side that has lasted for days.  It's still there actually, just not as painful now.

Original Misty Mysterious with Soda Fizzypop

The things I do for my dolls....Must remember not to get too excited about things....

For the curious artiste in you, I used Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surfaced acrylic craft paint, bought at Michael's Art and Craft store.  They come in a variety of pretty colors and dries quickly.

A big thank you goes to 'Saraiah', 'Rajiji' and 'Cupcake Gonzalez' for these dollies!  Madame Cupcake, I was going to name the second doll after you but Helen wouldn't let me!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I hope that whether you're free of your back pain. If it's any consolation, the wrist was very nice. Very good job. Keep in touch


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