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Bambola Daisy

Antique Daisy by Bambola World

I showed her unveiling last week.  Now she needs her own blog entry.  This 8" cutie-pie is a BJD doll made of resin.  She represents my first plunge into the BJD world of doll collecting....And I'm loving her to pieces!

Back of Daisy doll's wig

I specifically chose the antique-styled Daisy doll because I just have a soft spot for toys of the olden days.  The old mixed with an anime-styled know, the big eyes, button nose and teeny tiny lips, I was sold!

With her resin wig

Here's the kicker that got me running around happily in circles:  she's got a magnetic resin wig to go with her resin body.  I'd never seen that before Bambola World.  No more bad hair days for this doll with that resin wig on!  It's also a big plus that she fits into Blythe and Licca-chan doll outfits very nicely.  A versatile doll, to say the least.

Little Anthee playing with her dollhouse

I've renamed my Daisy doll, Antheea-Kai.  Interestingly rolls off your tongue, right?  The name "Anthea" means flowery in Greek.  Kai means ocean in Hawaiian.  So....she's a flowery...ocean....I just call her Anthee for short.  The nickname was inspired by Anthy Himemiya of the anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena.  No real connection.  Just a cute name.  Plus, the doll creator's name is Hee, so the spelling change is a small tribute to her.

As you can tell, I gave her name a lot of thought.  Because she is a made-to-order doll, I had a 6-week waiting time to think things up!  The waiting time nearly drove me mad but, hey, I wouldn't be a doll collector if I wasn't a little mad to begin with!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hello from Spain: I did not know this BJD doll collection. It is very nice. I like the photo of Anthée playing in the dollhouse. Keep in touch.


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