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J-Doll Marche

J-Doll Marche by Jun Planning
Renamed: Thalia

I fell in love with J-Doll dolls just after Christmas of 2011.  I'd seen them around the block before but always turned a blind eye, not wanting to start up a new doll craze.  Alas, a good sale can very convincingly turn anybody into the dark side.  Of course, I don't regret it one bit.

These dolls remind me a bit of Liv dolls because of the glass eyes.  They also remind me a bit of those Dollfie dolls because of their anime style face-up.  I'd say if Liv dolls are too playline and Dollfie dolls are too pricey for you, J-Dolls make excellent alternatives to your doll cravings.  Not that they've stopped my cravings....They're quite lovely and the outfits they come in have excellent quality.  It got me wanting more!

Ok, so it's not Valentines anymore!  I couldn't pass up a picture of Thalia with a heart-shaped balloon.  It matches her chapeau so nicely!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your doll and clothes. You're right in the eye resembles the LIV. Yours is much prettier. It has beautiful hair. Very good photos keep in touch


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