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Lonely Lisa's Makeover

1964 Lonely Lisa and Rosco

In late October of last year, Lonely Lisa joined my doll family.  I got lucky at snagging one in a very good condition.  Being a vintage doll, however, she came with her flaws.  Her biggest flaw, which is common with these Lisa dolls, is her shrunken stuffing.  In other words, she got skinny through the years and I needed to fatten her up.  Earlier this month, I sent her out for a spa treatment.  Now she's back all stuffed up.  And just the other day, I received the new outfit I picked out for her, one that I had been contemplating over for weeks.

While Lisa's original blue sailor dress was cute, the color just made her seem a little more sad, hence the new ivory and burgundy striped historical prairie dress.  Because she's vintage, I thought she'd look kinda cute in an old-style attire.  I gave her pigtails so she looks like she's ready to go outside and play.  I think the "A Little Princess" locket around her neck completes the look.  Of course, her little bear, Rosco had to make an appearance [he needs a bath himself].  Lonely Lisa doesn't look so depressed anymore.


  1. What a lovely doll! She is beautiful!

  2. Hello from Spain: your vintage doll has an adorable face. I love the necklace. Keep in touch.

  3. She is really cute. I think her melancholy is what is special and appealing about her!

  4. She looks so darling! The dress is perfect for her! :)

  5. She looks so lovely all fixed up. I have one of these dolls, too. Who restuffed her for you?

    1. Her name is Jocelyn. I saw her with her Lonely Lisa dolls on Flickr and inquired. She stuffed her good.


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