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Perfectly Purple Poppy Parker

Perfectly Purple Poppy Parker
By Integrity Toys

She took forever and a half to come home.  It was one delay after another with Integrity Toys last year so she kinda ended up at the very back of my mind for a while.  But she deserves her time on the limelight.

What can I say...she's perfectly purple indeed!  Gorgeous facial screening.  Love the green eyes and dark brown hair combo.  However...[a BIG] however, I hate her joints.  I've never owned a doll with such loose joints!  She can barely strike a pose with those buckling knees.  She also has random paint just above one of her eyelids that I never noticed before now.  To top it off, the rod on her doll stand doesn't even fit the base so she can't use it properly.  The fact that she was delayed almost half a year from her original release date, she should have come perfectly made, not just purple.

More purple goodness...just because!


  1. Ooooh, you got her! I gave up on getting her, but your lovely pictures are drawing me back. I love everything about her, and lavender is my favorite color!

  2. Hello from Spain: I love your Purple Poppy. She is a very elegant doll. I like clothes and accessories. Keep in touch.


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