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Suit Up Saturday #20: Bonnets and Pinafores

Soda Fizzypop in the Little Ducky ensemble
and Almonette in the Victorian Holiday ensemble
There's something to be said about old world ensembles.   They look complicated to make but simply stunning to look at.  As much as I enjoy seeing my dolls wearing modernized clothing, I'm very appreciative of these old-fashioned attires. They have so much more character compared to the plain shirts and pants of today.  When I discovered a seamstress in Etsy offering such designs for Lalaloopsy dolls, I had to snatch a couple.

I see Lalaloopsy dolls as a mesh of old and new: old for their rag doll look, and new for their plastic assembly.  I thought it would be fun to get them more into character of that "old" look.  The bonnets were the real icing on the cake for accomplishing this.  I'm totally loving the bonnets!

I was very pleased with Chris's work that it couldn't wait to be shared here.  As far as I'm concerned every doll I have is a fashion doll and if I can help it, they will be redressed once in a while, pinafores and all.  Barbie can't have all the pretty dresses!

For more of Chris's made-to-order creations, check her out in Etsy HERE.  She sews for dolls of different sizes.


  1. I am simply enchanted! Now, I want to make a "rag" doll. I think I'm going to have to put more effort into my staging. You've inspired me -- now, let's see how long this inspiration lasts! :)

  2. Hi from Spain: i love children and old clothes. The photo with the duck is beautiful. Keep in touch

  3. -AuntLou, I would love to see your rag doll if you ever decide to create her! Glad I could inspire you!

    -Marta, thank you.

  4. I adore that tiny teddy bear--where did you find it? :-) Jennifer

  5. Jennifer, the teddy bear came with a Licca-chan doll outfit.


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