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J-Doll Picasso St. East

I renamed her Pye.  She was supposed to be one of my birthday presents this year.  And since my birthday is not until June, that plan obviously didn't pan out for my partner.  Love this doll's purplish hair and aqua-colored eyes. Not to mention, that hair style is funky.  Of course, I will probably end up taking that "do" down in the future but right now, I'm just enjoying its funkiness.


  1. She's sooo cute! I love dolls with colored hair!

  2. June is too far know another doll is in order. It can't be helped...hee...hee

  3. Hello from Spain: clothes and purple hair is the best of this doll. An early birthday present. Keep in touch.

  4. Oh wow! She is just so much fun!!! I love the color combos going on here.

    ... and I've never understood people who could order themselves a doll and say "Oh, yes, I won't play with this until my birthday... several months away"... that is a will power I just don't have. If you can do it... I applaud you... oh yes... but I have to agree with Ghost Writer Lyricist... all this means is that you'll just need to get yourself another doll for the June birthday event :)


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