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Miniature Monday#34: Calico Critters Luxury Townhome

It's been a while since the last Miniature Monday!  But I haven't forgotten.

This is the new home for my mini Lalaloopsys.  It was a Christmas gift from my partner.

On the Balcony: Lalaloopsy tea set,  table and chairs

There's a mixture of Calico Critters and Lalaloopsy miniatures all over this house for that whimsical goodness!

In the Living Room:  Calico Critters living room set

As you can see, it is perfectly scaled to my little cuties.

In the Kitchen:  Calico Critters kitchen set

In the Bathroom: Lalaloopsy bathtime set

In the Bedroom:  Lalaloopsy bedroom set 

The Back of the House
[while it's open]

Thank you Lovie for such a cute house!....Now where to put it....

Happy Monday!


  1. Madoka: OH MY GOODNESS

    ... uhm, yes, you've just blown Madoka's little mind. So many Mini Lalaloopsy in one place... not that she doesn't have a ton... but she can't help but want more, I think. *sigh*

    This house works great for them!!!

  2. This is totally adorable! How fun! :-) Jennifer


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