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Miniature Monday#35: Victorian Living Room Edition

It's due time for Miniature Monday.  Today highlights yet another set of cool Victorian furniture by Victorian Woodshop.  It's been a yearly tradition now, for the past three years, that I receive some of these pieces as Christmas gifts from my partner.  Last Christmas, I had requested the fancy bench and matching coffee table in chocolate brown milk paint.  I didn't expect the table to be so huge.  It overpowers the nice bench on certain camera angles but it's so nice anyway that I don't really mind.

Forget Me Not Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys

Here's the bench minus the table to show you the intricate design that goes all the way underneath the seat.  It's definitely called a 'fancy bench' for a reason.  That's the sort of amazing details that I love about the Victorian Woodshop doll furnitures.  I think Poppy certainly agrees about the coolness factor.  You must excuse her drinking habits though.  She's been away from the camera for so long that she's turned to drinking as a hobby.

J-Doll Marché
by Jun Planning

Here's a shot of my J-doll Thalia, who's dressed more appropriately to match the Victorian furnitures.  Looks good to me either way!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love the Victorian parlor. The wall frame I like. The tray of coffee is lovely. You're right they are a very luxurious furniture. I really like. You must make entries with furniture. You've got a lovely stay. Keep in touch.

  2. The Doll on the second picture has a face that took by breath away!!

  3. Kev and I haven't see you and H in forever!

    We must remedy this at some point!
    I have something for your girls!


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