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More Bambola Daisy

...Just cuz I can!

Here's my little Anthee with her new attire, a set also made by her creator.  I added a Barbie belt for a cutesy finishing touch.  Of course, Patches had to be in the picture.  They've gotten well-acquainted from these photo shoots.

Now, here's Anthee with her funky resin wig.  She almost looks like a different doll with a hair style change.  Love it!


  1. wow, i thought it was two different ones!!
    anyway, she's cute.

  2. Sooo cute! Loved the dress, as well as Tarina's belt!

  3. Hello from Spain: Anthée with changing seems another doll wig. I love the floral dress and pink belt. Keep in touch.

  4. How have I missed this blog????


    This is a really interesting, unique little bjd, I like her! She looks porcelain!!

    And Poppy Parkers... and J-Dolls... oh my, I have to go through this blog!


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