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Remembering Japan

Freeze Frame AvantGuard, Zef Almondy

On this date, exactly a year ago, my partner and I were walking on the streets of Ikebukuro in Japan.  It was such an unforgettable vacation.  I would love to go back there soon.  For now I'll just reminisce, with Zef as my kimono model.  She models a Joyce Ellen Creation with a pair of Japanese sandals from a shop called Daiso in Japan.


  1. Angelinaaaa Jolsssss !!!!!

    Pretty me

  2. She's beautiful! I would love to go back to Japan sometime too!

  3. That kimono is absolutely beautiful!!!

    If I google Joyce Ellen Creation, will I find these beautiful pieces??? Time to find out!

    I really would love to go to Japan someday.
    I've never been there... but I have this sneaking suspicion that if I went, I wouldn't want to come back... for the food alone.

  4. Hello from Spain: How lucky you were traveling to Japan. Your doll is very pretty and lacking detail. We remain in contact blog blog

  5. -In a Dolly's World, didn't it just give you a doll overload??? I totally miss it!

    -Heather, she's on Ebay, under papillion19, although her doll clothing tend to be for bigger dolls.

    -Marta, glad you stopped by, as always! Hopefully, you find your way to Japan one day! You won't be disappointed!


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