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Little Nunu's Olive Garden Adventure

Not the greatest photo shoot of Little Nunu and her twin sister Chloe but we were all fidgety that night.  It will have to do.

Since Olive Garden is no longer in Toronto, my parents decided to have dinner there when Helen and I spent a few days in NJ last month.

I went for a medium well steak.  I was satisfied with it.  Nothing too exciting.  But good.  As you can see, Chloe and Nunu found my plate quite intriguing, though so much as my sister's plate...and not in a good way.

She also asked for a medium well steak and got herself one that's drier than dry.  I tried it and it almost tasted like wet clumps of sand in your mouth.  Naturally, we informed the nice lady serving us, who offered to get my sister a new plate.  Almost an hour passed before my sister got her new steak only to find out that it tasted just like the one before.  The poor girl didn't get to enjoy her meal at all.

The complimentary bread sticks were good at least.  Nunu loved its butteriness so much that she almost jumped inside the bread basket for a dip herself!

Here's Chloe and Nunu wanting a taste of my mom's dessert.

Here's the doggie bag of my mom's left-over pasta.  We all tried to wait for my sister's meal to come but it took too long.  In the end, my mom almost filled herself with the bread sticks that she barely had an appetite for her pasta.  It wasn't the greatest Olive Garden experience.  We did walk away with a complimentary gift card and lots of apologies for their substandard services that night.  Chloe and Nunu didn't care.  To them it was about the bread and dessert!


  1. This is adorable! I've been to Olive Garden a few times, and every time my bf and I go there we order their bottomless soups and salads. :D

  2. hehe, I would want a taste of the dessert too, I love the little mini desserts they have at Olive Garden now! Excellent choice!

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  5. I love Olive Garden and am sad that your parents can't go more often. I love their Zuppa Tuscano! I recently found the recipe for it and sometimes I make it but that doesn't beat go there and having bottomless soups and salads! Mmm Mmm!


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