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2012 Nu Fantasy, Sweet Nothings Gretel
By Integrity Toys

Found the cool mask at a Michael's craft store.  Who better to show it off than my latest acquisition.

Integrity Toys have really outdone themselves this year with Gretel.  And it's only April!  After watching the yearly W Club event last Saturday, unveiling their line of dolls for 2012, I nearly died and went to heaven.

For now Gretel awaits her Hansel....
Happy Monday!


  1. I love this doll and her outfit and the mask. The mask interests me because i'm a jeweller and I make jewelry for dolls. (check my blog for that). This doll isn't Barbie(1/6th) scale is it???? I"m not familiar with all the brands and scales as we don't get all these amazing products in South Africa, where i'm from. It is amazing what you can get in your 1st world countries. I'm going to make every effort to get my credit card sorted etc. Because I need to get in on all theses amazing things. I like your blog and hope to see many more cool stuff on it. You have me hooked as a fan.

  2. Hello from Spain: the doll Integrity are fabulous. They have a very pretty face. The clothes are fantastic. I saw the news and you're right they are gorgeous. A very original mask. keep in touch with blog blog


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