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Bebe's Outdoor Adventure

Simply Guava Blythe doll, Bebe and her friend Tootles

Belated happy mother's day to the mommies out there!  I don't have any kids but I am a mommy to a lot of dollies and I took my newly refreshed baby for some fresh air yesterday.

The weather was perfect and Bebe was quite the cooperative model!  You'd never know these shots were taken at the cemetery.  She's definitely photogenic!

I've had this doll for a year and only now am I appreciating the complete joy of having her.  When she had a shiny face, I shied away from taking pictures because lighting bounced off her face like crazy, making her extremely tricky to capture in front of the camera.

Now I want to take her everywhere with my camera!  Even my partner gets a kick out of Blythe.  I know I've been bitten by a big-headed bug!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain: this doll is beautiful. Some outdoor photos ideals. It feels like summer. I like the small dog. Keep in touch

  2. It definitely felt like summer, Marta!


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