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Rock Wedding Couple

Rocking Ever After Lilith doll and Rock Steady Romain Perrin doll
Part of the Rock Wedding Collection
2011 W Club Exclusive by Integrity Toys

Got these two at the post office yesterday.  I've been excited about this set since I'd pre-ordered them last year so here's a quick snap.  I didn't even put Lilith's veil on right.  She looks great either way.  Romain on the other hand...I gotta do something about that flat head.  I don't normally collect Fashion Royalty dudes.  I ordered him because he had awesome hair on the promo pics so that was a disappointment and a half.  Maybe he'll redeem himself in future photo shoots.  Right now I'm just totally loving Lilith.  The Lilith and Eden face mold is what got me collecting FR dolls to begin with.  And this particular mold has not failed me yet.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Super cool wedding couple. I still wish one could get these dolls in my country.

  2. Hello from Spain: I love this couple. The veil of the bride is wonderful. Both are very handsome. This collection of FR is wonderful. Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for posting this pic, this couple is such fun to look at. She lives up to her promo pic – him, not so much. But he’s growing on me. Have you tried gel to give his hair a lift?

  4. Great pics of them! Lilth is super gorgeous! I only got Romain who will be arriving next week.

  5. Surely this mould face is awesome! Loved the wedding pic!


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