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Welcome Back Blythe

Blythe Bouchée [also known as Bebe] and Dalkin

Blythe is finally home!  I just took her out of the box this afternoon and couldn't wait to share.  Who better to welcome her home than a doll friend from waaay back.  She and Dalkin were bought from the same shop on the same day in Saitama, over a year ago.

Dalkin clearly notices some differences on her old friend, from the new matted face, slight freckles, the poutier lips, the more dramatic eyelids...along with a slightly bigger ego to go with the new shortened nickname "Bebe".  But what the hey, friends take friends the way they are!

Even though Bebe is still a bit groggy from the long trip, she insists that she looks good enough for picture taking.  I was happy to take them!

Her new eye chips are so much fun to photograph!  They give her eyes a lot of character.  And those lips...too cute!

Below is a "before" photo to compare.  As cute as she was back then, I prefer the matted face better.

Bebe's full face-up and eye chips were done by Sandra.  To see more of her lovely custom Blythe dolls, click HERE.  She's great to deal with!


  1. Yep, she sure is lookin' pretty!

  2. Hello from Spain: Congratulation already have at home to Blythe. I like her boots. Some very nice photos. Keep in touch


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