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Bebe the Adventurer

Had a chance to take Bebe outdoors yesterday.  I bought a Blythe carrier a few weeks back and it finally came on Monday so I was able to lug my Blythe around without worry of her getting hurt along the way.  We went to High Park, the biggest park within the city of Toronto, for a bit of an adventure.  Naturally, Bebe was dressed to impress mother nature.

Bebe's outfit is technically a steampunk warrior suit though it looks more to me like a steampunk adventurer garb.  And what a coinkidink, today is International Steampunk Day!  I totally had no idea until I read somebody else's blog post about it.

Happy Thursday!


  1. She looks really good in her Steampunk outfit! Wish we had some warmsunshine here so I could get out and take some photos, it's been so cold this week...winds icy.

  2. And Happy International Steampunk Day!

  3. Hello from Spain: I knew it was the International Day Steampunk. This doll is beautiful. The photos in the woods have a wonderful light. keep in touch


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