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Doll Tale Thursday #22: Silly Haired Doll

Lalaloopsy doll, Spot Splatter Splash Silly Hair edition

I love my Lalaloopsy dolls!  I love them even more when they are given to me by the awesome people in my life.  Once again, my birfday is coming up!  Another fresh year to live, love and act silly!  Another year for new dolls too, like this Silly Hair Lalaloopsy that was given to me in advance by a dear friend, who is also my troublemaker partner at work!

I've named her Bree, after Brenda, who gave her to me.  She's now reunited with Evie, her Lalaloopsy Little sister that I'd gotten a while back.  My partner had a hand in purchasing Bree.  So, I'd like to thank her too for being the crazy accomplice to the early birfday celebration!

It seemed only a few short years ago, when I was an unsure young adult, searching for independence, and my overall place in this world.  Now, I look around me and cannot be more thankful for the wonderful people who stick by me and my quirks, and the beautiful dolly things that surround my everyday existence.  Each birfday is truly a blessing, despite that whole wrinkle thing! Bring on the years!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. i like the hair of lala in the first pic....

    pretty me

  2. Hello from Spain: I agree with you that your dolls Lalaloopsy are beautiful. They are very colorful. The baby is adorable. Happy Birthday! Keep in touch.

  3. Yes,indeed hope you have a very happy birthday. Your new Lalaloopsy looks like a lot of fun with that hair.

  4. Lalaloopsy has been quite a temptation for me of late and seeing yours I'm even more tempted!
    Hope you had a happy day.

  5. How sweet! It is good to have special people in your life. Your gifts from them are even more special. xo Jennifer


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