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Back to Brooklyn Jasper

Back to Brooklyn Dynamite Girl doll, Jasper
By Integrity Toys

The Dynamite Girl dolls have definitely come a long way.  I've seen quite a difference, in comparison to my first DGs' Eltin and Spooky Sooki years ago.  The new DGs have better quality of clothes, better joints and hands, more defined face sculpts, and the most recent one:  better shoes!  I've always thought the DGs were fun, but I had issues with their damn plastic, barbie-type shoes that don't like to stay on their feet.  I'm more than pleased to know that the new DGs are not afraid of "leather"!  And my Jasper is more than happy to flaunt her spunky new incarnation and brown "leather" boots!  Yay!

Now if only Integrity Toys would go easy on the glue on those applied lashes so I wouldn't have to annoyingly pick at fluffy white stuff on my doll's eyelashes, we'd be all good!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hello from Spain: you're right that this collection of dolls is precious. I love the hair. Keep in touch

    1. I just love simple haired dolls. I never have to worry about keeping curls and such in place.

  2. Oh, I had wanted this one. Nice to see her out of her box. Congratulations on getting her and thanks for sharing her.


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