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Back to Brooklyn Neve

Back to Brooklyn Dynamite Girl doll, Neve
by Integrity Toys

The second of the two Dynamite Girls in my Christmas in July pile!  I love neckties on my ladies and I love Neve's mixed ethnic background.  Naturally, I loved Neve's new incarnation and she had to come home with me!  I'm tempted to free her tied-up curls like I've done with my first Neve but I suppose they need some variety in hair style.

Here's Neve and Jasper posing on Bebe's car at sundown....Loving Neve's "leather" boots like I love Jaspers!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your new doll and her hair. I also really like the jacket she wears. I love your collection of dolls. Keep in touch.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Your photo of Neve outside the telephone booth is my favorite - I wonder if she'll step into the booth and emerge as Super Doll ;-D.

    If you like dolls with a mixed ethnic background, you might find the Mixis dolls by YNU Group interesting. I've started a Pinterest board for them. I like their rounder builds and their strong, ethnic faces. Their fashions are nice, too.

    1. Hey, Super D is not a bad idea! I've always wanted to photograph that phone booth and never had a chance to share until now.

      Will check out your Pinterest for sure!


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