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June was a good month in the doll collecting world.  For the first time in the three years that I've joined the W club, I actually won a chance to buy an Integrity Toys direct exclusive doll.  Granted she's not the most extravagant lottery doll that the club has had, it's still nice to know you've finally been given a chance on something.  So, here she is!

IT Direct Exclusive, Summer doll
On a Dynamite Girl body

I've kept her name, Summer.  She's a little late in posing with the flowers, as they are now all fully bloomed.  Her allure makes up for the not-as-fresh-looking flowers, I think.

Happy Monday!
And to my fellow Canadians, belated Happy Canada day!


  1. Hello from Spain: Congratulations for this new doll. She is very pretty and has beautiful hair. Keep in touch

  2. She's very cute and that dress is lovely. Congrats on winning the lottery to purchase her.

  3. She's a beautiful doll. Congrats on winning the chance to purchase her.

  4. I love her!She's a got a perfect dress.

  5. Congratulations on winning the chance to buy that lovely doll. The dress color really pops on her.


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