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Little Apple Dolls: Timor Balatro

LAD Series 4, Timor Balatro doll
by Ufuoma Urie

I didn't want to break the halloween tradition so here's another Little Apple Doll to share.  Unfortunately, I was working this evening so I didn't have time to look for the story book that came with her and I really can't recall how her story fits into the LAD universe.  If I'm not mistaken, she's some sort of a trickster and she's got a little brother.  Anyway, I love what's she's wearing...almost "christmassy" with the candy cane colors, making her look a little cheery and haunting at the same time.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Her eyes are some how "scary" - all black...
    Hope you had a great halloween!!

  2. Very good collection for halloween, really scary, but I love it .... greetings


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