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Miniature Monday #40: Rocking Horse

Fall Seasonal Essential doll
by Integrity Toys

Where did the time go?  It seemed only yesterday when I did the last Miniature Monday!  Apparently, it's been two weeks since I've updated my blog!  Heehee!

Well, here's a miniature rocking horse for your viewing pleasure.  I'd been looking around for a nice sized horse for my dolls at those antique places for some time now.  (I think horses are such majestic  creatures.)  Instead, I found a rocking horse.  So, I said, why not!  I found this one at the Stratford Antique Warehouse.  I'm tempted to repaint it into a black stallion with gold trims but it looks kinda cool as it is so I'm holding off on that idea.

As you can see, my dolls may be divas at times but it doesn't mean they're afraid of letting that inner child loose when the occasion calls for it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi TM,
    Liked the pics!Very nice find on the horse :-)

  2. Hello from Spain: the wooden horse is very original. The pictures are very cute. Keep in touch

  3. Lovely find ... I recently found a great horse too! Mine is black ... check out my blog when you find time.

  4. What an awesome find! I love antique store the point I could get lost!

  5. What a beautiful rocking horse, and I love the last 'inner child' photo.


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