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Miniature Monday#39: More Tea Time!

Lonely Lisa doll

Throughout the years of miniature sightseeing and hunting, I've come to realize that most mini tea sets tend to have such vibrant floral patterns.  However much I love tea sets, the floral prints just don't bode well with my style.  That's why I'm very excited to feature my new tea set called "cream lace".  It looks like it has a simple fleur-de-lis pattern on it.  Otherwise, no over the top floral prints, whatsoever.

I saw this set at a place called Distinctly Tea, during my brief visit to Stratford almost two weeks ago.  If you read my blog entry before this one, you'll be familiar with the "chocolate trail", which is how I came across this shop that sells all sorts of flavoured tea leaves as well as tea sets.  I came originally for my chocolate flavoured tea for the trail but I could not resist an awesomely non-floral miniature tea set that I saw on display!  The rest is history....And now Lonely Lisa is lonely no more as she drinks tea with friends, her trusty (and dirty) sidekick Rosco and Anne.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, the chocolate cappucino tea that I chose was quite yummy!

Lisa with Rosco and Anne of Green Gables doll

Happy Monday!


  1. hi TM,
    I personally would go with the "flowerish" tea set, but the plain one fitted very nice in you set up.

    1. Thanks. I do have some flowery tea sets. I love them all, generally speaking, but my preference has always been towards the non-flowery kind.

  2. Chocolate cappuchino tea sounds like a bit of a mixture, I'm glad it tasted nice. Your tea set is a lovely find.

  3. I, too was glad the chocolate tea tasted nice. I'd tried a chocolate rooibos tea in the past and I hated it so it was a wonderful surprise!

  4. Hello from Spain: I love your collection of dolls and miniatures. This tea set is very elegant and looks real. The last photo is very cute .. keep in touch


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