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Sunday Show N Tell

Ok, ok, it's been extremely quiet around here.  I'd been trying to get settled into a new job and it hasn't exactly inspired me to play with my dolls.  A trip to the local toy show was just what I needed.  I found some cool stuff that really made up for an uncomfortable work week.

Living Fluff doll
by Mattel

First off is the Living Fluff doll.  I'd had my eye on Fluff since I started poking around the vintage dolls department.  Though I never seriously searched for her, I couldn't be more delighted that she came home with me.  She's so so cute!  She looks like she belongs with Licca-chan and her circle of friends.  It must be those big brown eyes and that button nose.  When I took off her bathing suit for body cleaning I saw some cracks on her hips and crotch.  Her hair could use combing as well.  Other than that, she's great!

Next on the list....

Growin Pretty Hair Francie doll
by Mattel

Tada!  I found a Francie doll for a steal!  For years I'd been going to the local toy and doll shows crossing my fingers and toes for a vintage Francie doll.  I thought I got lucky last year when I found Growin Pretty Hair Francie, who looked close to perfect.  When I took her home and ever-so-slightly moved her right arm, it just fell off!  At that point there was nothing I could do and seeing her like that deflected my Francie fascination for a while.  In fact, I still haven't replaced that body out of pure bitterness.  This year, I saw the same doll again, only for much much cheaper.  Sure she's dirtier with some nicks and cuts on her legs but she cleaned up nicely with a little help from that magic eraser!  The 'after' picture for another day....

Peanuts Gang
From left to right: Pig-Pen, Linus, Sally, Lucy and Charlie Brown

And just because I love love the Peanuts Gang, I had to get this set!  They're dirty, well-loved with some scratches but super awesome!  They, too, need a little magic eraser treatment.  Oh and that table talks with the infamous teacher burble!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I completely understand about your Francie dilemma. Like you, I could never find a vintage Francie in decent shape and for a reasonable amount. Finally gave up and purchased one of those Mattel vintage repos for $24. Love it !

  2. Great score! I know what you mean. I would love to have a vintage AA France but I know I will not be able to spend that kind of money! Unless the arm knob is total gone, try using a rubber band on the arm to keep it on.

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations on having Francie. I love your purchases. Snoopy's friends are very cute ... Keep in touch


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