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Miniature Monday #41: Day Bed

Dolls of the World,
Princesses of the World India doll
by Mattel

I found this daybed looking thing at an antique warehouse at Stratford, Ontario in late October.  It looked cool and to doll scale so I decided it was a dollie daybed and got it.  Right away I pictured one of my exotic dolls sitting on this.  I originally had the Diwali Barbie in mind.  Two Sundays ago, however, when I had gone to the local toy show, I finally snagged the Princess of India doll that I'd been pining for these many years.  Naturally she got the royal first dibs.  And look, I think they belong together.  I love it!

Happy Monday!


  1. She's gorgeous! All the Indian DotW are very beautiful! I want the one from the current 2012 collection! Really nice sofa, or day bed ^^

  2. Hello from Spain: this bed is ideal for your doll exotic. Nice pictures. keep in touch


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