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Twelve Days of Christmas 2012, Part IV

Factory Blythe doll named Inka

This is Inka.  She has appeared on this blog before in the fall picture banner but was never properly introduced.  It seemed only right that she makes herself officially known before 2012 is over by gracing this blog again through the Twelve Days of Christmas.  She's not an official Blythe doll, so to speak.  Supposedly, factory Blythes are either taken from excess doll parts that did not pass inspection or were stolen parts.  I don't think anyone really knows for sure.  All I know is Inka is a lovely doll to have.  She is very photogenic.  Her hair is super soft.  And how do you say no to those purple eyes.  Look, even the reindeers can't resist her!

Merry Tuesday!


  1. I agree she is a pretty girl, and as long as she brings you happiness, what else matters?

    I've enjoyed popping by to catch up with your Christmas posts, wish I'd had the time to do something similar ... maybe next year (but with hubby retiring I wouldn't hold my breath! LOL!).



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