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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2012, Part I

Sunshine Games Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys

This doll doesn't even have a name yet.  With the outpouring of Poppy dolls this year, I haven't had a chance to name the ones that I've gotten.  And yet, here she is, maddeningly trying to fit into a skimpy rococo style dress so she could be the first doll featured on this year's Twelve Dolls of Christmas.

What does rococo style have to do with Christmas?  I don't know.  This particular doll desperately wanted to show off her new garb and I obliged.  It's a step up to the swimsuit she came in originally, I guess....I think I'll name her Basi.  A new name will be her Christmas present from me.

Happy Christmas decorating!


  1. "Basi" is a local wine from ilocos...(",)

    --pretty me

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the new photo of the head of your blog. In this post, this doll is gorgeous. Very nice Christmas tree. Keep in touch

  3. I LOVED this dolls with these outfits1 I like this style so much!

  4. These photos are gorgeous. Looks like a beautiful romantic Christmas.

  5. Hi ! It's the first time I visit your blog and I just to let you know that I realy like your Sunshine Games Poppy Parker, it's very very nice


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