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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2012, Part III

And Another Thing Kyori doll
by Integrity Toys

It seems I'm super late in this year's Christmas doll line-up.  It's been kinda hectic and stressful the past few weeks but looking at my Kyori doll had me smiling.  There was a lot of ranting and raving when she was first introduced earlier this year and she sold out faster than you can say 'doll'.  I happened to be one of the luckier ones to get her.  She definitely does not disappoint and even though she's looking like a real diva in that attire, she's a good enough sport to pose next to a gingerbread tree topper.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love this dolls. The dress is gorgeous. I like the Christmas decoration. Merry Christmas. Keep in touch

  2. She looks gorgeous and I love your Christmas dio - that tree is fabulous.

    Merry Christmas!


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