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Highs and Lows of 2012

Bambola Daisy (Antheea-Kai)

I started strong in my doll collecting last year by purchasing a bjd doll called Bambola Daisy.  She's made of french resin and comes with a hair wig, and a resin wig that makes her very different from all the other dolls I have.  Love her to pieces!  I just wish she'd stop kicking me!  Her doll string is too tight that she sometimes wont stand still and insists on kicking my fingers.  I've been too lazy and afraid to loosen her string but I'll get to it one of these days.  I wanted her to have a sister doll too but I never got around to that either....

Some 2012 Integrity Toy dolls
(From left to right:  High End Envy Erin,
Champs Elysees Victoire Roux, And Another Thing Kyori,
Winter Essential renamed Argo, Fall Essential renamed Shale,
Truly Madly Deeply Agnes, and Summer Essential)

Integrity toys knocked my socks off in 2012.  I loved most of their dolls to a point of doll hoarding.  I got my first Agnes, Kyori, Erin and Victoire Roux.  I also managed to snag three lottery dolls of the four season essential dolls offered.  I'd never won a chance to purchase any lottery dolls in the three years I'd been a W club member until 2012.

Mission Control Imogen doll

And did I mention that I won a free Imogen doll from Integrity Toys last June by simply participating in the June forum contest.  I never would have personally picked her to buy though she is quite pretty and those are such killer boots!  I'm glad that she ended up joining my doll family.

I also got a free Monogram doll (not pictured) from my doll dealer for having purchased a considerable amount of dolls from her last year as a part of their W club special coupon.

2012 Poppy Parker dolls
(From left to right:  Lilac Frost, The Happening, She's Not There)

There were a lot of pretty Poppy dolls in 2012...Too many that I haven't deboxed half of them!  Not deboxing is very unusual for me but I got more dolls than normal and they just came all at once!  I was completely overwhelmed.  I may have to let go of some of my old Barbie dolls this year to somewhat find that doll equilibrium again.

Mattel Francie dolls
(From left to right:  Fuschia n Fur, Growin Pretty Hair, Kitty Corner)

Speaking of Barbie dolls, I only got one in 2012!  They just weren't my cup of tea last year.  It may have been a good thing, considering I was hoarding some IT dolls like a mad woman!  I did purchase the two silkstone Francie dolls offered and found a vintage Growin Pretty Hair at a toy show.  Of course my Fuschia n Fur Francie came with flaws the first time so I had to exchange her like I did with the Nighty Brights in 2011.  Kitty Corner Francie arrived with slightly wonky eyes but I decided not to exchange her.  I'd been receiving such crappy dolls from Mattel lately and it has really affected my decisions to purchase from them.

Custom Blythe dolls
(From left to right:  Simply Guava named Bebe,
Factory Blythe named Inka, Prairie Posie named Gia)

The Blythe dolls are extremely special to me as both my partner and I are really fond of them.  I had Bebe from 2011 when I took her home from Japan, didn't appreciate her until she had her face customed last year, fell so in love with her thereafter.  I fell really hard that her number of friends have grown exponentially thanks to my lovie.  Only three have had their faces customed thus far so the others are still in hiding until they get a face-up, hopefully this year.

Lalaloopsy dollhouse

I'd like to end this 2012 review by sharing my Lalaloopsy dollhouse, a Christmas gift from my partner.  I was asked what I wanted and chose this.  The shape is so unconventional.  I think it's super awesome and makes a perfect home for my Blythe dolls even though Lalaloopsies keep sneaking in!

The doll gods were extremely generous to me last year despite minor snags like missing doll shoes and doll face rashes.  I just wish I had all the time in the world to play.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy Monday!


  1. I have one word....WOW! You had a great dolly year. I decided not to join the W Club, because I, too, would be buying like a crazy woman.

  2. Gorgeous new dolls of yours! I always though that IT > Mattel. Mattel are really screwing up these past years... I want a BJD too!

  3. Hello from Spain: I like to see in your photos your doll collection last year. My favorite is Poppy Parker. You had a great year dolly. Your collection is fabulous. Keep in touch

  4. Congratulations on your lovely new dolls from 2012! That was a great year. Thanks for sharing the photos of them.


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