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My First OOAK Poppy Parker

One-of-a-Kind Poppy Parker doll
by Dawn of One Sixth Sense

I'd always thought Poppy Parker was the cute and classy, girl-next-door type of a doll.  She had the big eyes and the slightly pouty lips going on, with her streamline 60's style wardrobe.  A few weeks ago, Dawn has made me rethink that notion when I saw her post a OOAK Poppy on the Doll Divas board.  I was totally blown away!

As you can see, this is not your typical Poppy doll!  She's definitely past the girl-next-door stage.  This one exudes maturity on all angles and still retains that sweet elegance that I've come to love about the Poppy dolls.  Those piercing green eyes.  The fiery red hair.  The Ms. Jolie lips.  I had to have her!

Reira and the Barbie Look wardrobe

She was originally named Rowena by Dawn but I had renamed her Reira, after a character from a manga (Japanese comic), Nana.  Like the character Reira, I imagine her just blossoming out of the girl-next-door phase, still with her insecurities, but ready to take the world by storm with her singing...or in this case, modelling.

And so, as my fellow W club members and I bite our nails and pull our hairs, wondering if we will be confirmed to get all the the dolls we wanted from the 'unveiling' last Saturday, I'm going to try and just enjoy the moment with my new Poppy.  Thank you Dawn for such a lovely doll!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain, congratulations about your new doll. I like very much your purchase. Your photos are beautiful. I like the lastima picture. Keep in touch

  2. She's gorgeous and your beautiful dio and photos do her justice. Hope your confirmation are pouring in by now so that Reira will soon have new friends. ^_^

    1. Thank you. I'm trying to go easy on the dolls this year so I only ordered two and are now confirmed for both. Yay me! Lets see if this self control lasts until the next unveiling in the spring!

  3. Wow! What an intriguing look she has now! Dawnie does beautiful work! Congrats!


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