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It's Snowy Outside...

Nighty Brights Silkstone Francie

....So Francie is naturally dressed for a sunshiny summer day!  She's sporting a two-piece bathing suit that is original to a vintage straight-leg Francie doll.

I love love the new silkstone Francie body.  The hand sculpt is especially beautiful.  If only they had copied the vintage face properly.  She would have been absolutely perfect.  Oh well, she's still gorgeous in her own way.  I'm easing her into the 21st century and she seems to be fitting in just fine in a modern Dynamite Girl dress below.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain, i like the body of this Francine. You are right that she is beautiful in its on way. The suimsuit is very nice. I see that IT is Cold outside but your doll is hot... I prefer hot. Keep in touch

  2. Her swimsuit is absolutely perfect for the weather we are currently having in Australia and suits her very well.


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