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Little Nunu's Disney Adventure

Little Nunu and twin sister Chloe
in front of Cinderella's castle

I was at a business conference in Orlando Florida for a few days last weekend.  Although the days were filled with more sleep inducing workshops than not, I simply had to make time to visit the Magic Kingdom even though it was a very short one.

Hanging out with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket

This wasn't my first visit to Disney World in Orlando but it was Little Nunu's and Chloe's.  Unfortunately we didn't even have an entire day there so they didn't have much photos and my camera really wasn't cooperating.

Pondering about the love connection
between Beauty and the Beast

Balloon-watching at the Downtown Disney Ferry dock


  1. Hello From Spain, i was In the DisnEy park in ParĂ­s. I liked IT very much. A lot of fun. In the future i would like to know the Orlando park. I like your pics and your dolls. Keep in touch

  2. Your photos are good even if your camera wasn't cooperating. It looks as though your dolls had a good time for the time they had there.


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