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Miniature Monday #42: Sewing Machine

Reira learning to sew
(OOAK Poppy Parker)

First Miniature Monday of 2013!  I found this miniature sewing machine at one of those asian gift shops.  It's a tad big for a 12inch doll but comes close to scale.  That was good enough for me.  There are lots of miniatures out there and most are in 1:12 scale, fit for dollhouses.  As much as I love those I get really excited when I stumble upon something for my fashion dolls, especially one that I didn't order from the web.

I love how realistic it looks, wood grain and all.  The main drawer opens and closes too.  The best part is it's actually a music box.  When the winding key is wound up, the wheel, needle bar and foot pedal all move in harmony.  Since I'm easily amused, I find all this very cool!

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow!!! I have also found some interesting things in the Asian/Chinese markets we have here in South Africa.

  2. Hi from Spain, i like very much your new sewing machine. Great pics. IT is very real. Awesome. I want IT for my dolls. Keep in touch

  3. Very cool dio find. The scale looks fine in your photos and your lovely Poppy looks very sweet sewing away.

  4. Oh my! How could I imagine that a red head doll would look so perfect with a white dress? *o*

  5. Your lovely "sewing room" really appeals to me. :)


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