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Ever dearest Barbie,

Boater Ensemble Silkstone Barbie doll
by Mattel

It has been a long while since I've paid attention to you.  You've done nothing but disappoint me lately: from your defective eye screening to your bad ensemble stitching.  How I miss your glamorous ways.   Your latest incarnation, Boater Ensemble, has the prettiest facial screening I've seen in the past year or so.  Imagine my excitement to once again rekindle that love for you.  Alas, Boater's eye make-up is, unsurprisingly, a darn mess on one eye.  And that navy blazer has a crappy stitching at the bottom.  These defects are really testing my patience, especially since Boater Ensemble is a club doll that cannot be exchanged, based on a brilliant Mattel policy...Not.

But it's not your fault, Barbie.  Your designers have tried....Oh lord, have they tried!  Your bad quality incarnations is an entirely separate issue.  Therefore, I will always love you and continue to hope for future better versions of you.  Just don't be surprised if other dolls steal your spotlight more and more.  It's not you.  It's me....and my preference for better quality dolls.

Your childhood friend and admirer,



  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with you. Collectors want to buy quality dolls and outfits. We are not children!. Keep in touch

  2. What a pity she did not live up to expectations. She looks such a classic beauty in your photos.

    1. I know...I was so excited because I love her face-up and got really annoyed when I realized that one eye had some random purple paint on her black liner. The bad stitching on her jacket is not so noticeable because the thread is the same color. Though I can live with the faults, it's just super irritating that I've been getting such bad luck with Barbie these days!

  3. I've often thought Barbie has had some pretty crappy policies... and the fact that you can't exchange collectors dolls, to me, says that they know the doll probably won't live up to everyone standard... so suck it.

    Which is pretty crappy on their part.
    Then again, I think Mattel's stance, in general, is to poop on the collector. Example: Monster High dolls... when they came out with the Build a Monster packs and everyone complained that they had no torsos and Mattel said these were playline, so screw the collector. Nevermind that little kids ALSO didn't appreciate having a bunch of pieces of dolls they couldn't play with, and the issue was eventually resolved... but it just seems like the companies "gut" reaction is to get defensive rather than fix a problem.

    Heck, for more than a year now I've been waiting... waaaaaiting for them to come out with some different looking, nice play-line fashionista clothes... but to me, they've all looked the same for the last few releases, and I'm really getting sick of buying a whole $12.99 pack of clothing for ONE unique looking piece, while all the rest either look the same, or are literally the same as pieces I've gotten in other packs.

    It sucks that the quality is crappy, but I don't think anyone is going to fault you for moving away from dolls that don't meet your standards.
    Barbie needs to step it up a notch.

    1. Just to clarify, you can exchange collector dolls. It's the club doll that can't be exchanged. It can only be returned so you're either stuck with a faulty one or left with none....something to do with the edition size blah blah blah...


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