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Francie Friday

Check Please Francie silkstone doll in Style Setters fashion
and vintage bend-leg Francie doll in Corduroy Cape fashion

'Style Setters' is one of the first Francie fashions I got years ago.  I had purchased a Hair Happenins Francie doll dressed in it.  When I took it off the doll, I had such a hard time putting the stockings back on her again.  It's frayed so much around the sock openings that I dare not put them back on a doll unless it has hard legs, hence, the silkstone Francie.

'Corduroy Cape' is my latest Francie fashion acquisition.  Just got it in the mail about a month ago.  This one is in excellent condition and seems unused.

Both are such fun, as to be expected from most, if not all, of the vintage Francie fashions.  Plus, I'm loving the shades of blue!

Happy Friday!


  1. Great outfits. You might find it worth putting a little bit of Fray Check or something similar round the openings of the stockings will stop the fraying getting any worse. (It's basically an invisible glue thats designed to stop fabrics fraying and you should be able to get it at a fabric shop).

  2. Hello from Spain: I like these two outfits. The blue color is very nice. Keep in touch

  3. Congratulations on your Francie dolls!

    Does the Silkstone Francie have bend knees? Your doll's right knee seems to be bent.

    Both fashions are cute. Thanks for sharing the photo.

    1. No the silkstone one doesn't bend at the knee. I guess it's just the camera angle that gives that effect.


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