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Oz China Girl

Oz the Great and Powerful China Girl doll
by Tollytots

This doll caught my eye straight away.  And how could it not when she's so shiny, pale, crackly and 14" tall!  She's also got a very Alice and Wonderland-ish vibe with that blue dress.  Quite the oddball in my doll collection that she's not trying to be realistic in any way as opposed to my regular fashion dolls.  Other than the obvious hard head of hair, her points of articulation on the elbows and wrists are actually defined by blue strips to scream her "doll-likeness".

I have yet to see the movie but she has me really intrigued now.


  1. Hello from Spain: Your China girl is very interesting doll. I had not seen before. Nice photos .. We keep in touch.

  2. I just got mine yesterday, aren't they lovely dolls :o)

  3. She's very pretty. A friend of mine has seen the movie. She told me about the bit with the doll and it sounds very sweet. She says the movie is definitely worth seeing but doesn't think it's a children's movie.

  4. Oh I'm so glad you adopted China Doll! She's such a sweet character in the movie (which I thoroughly enjoyed, being a huge Oz fan all my life!).


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