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Hello Spring, are you there?

Precious Moments
Children of the World Italy

Maybe if I'm really friendly to "Spring" it would come a lot sooner!  I feel like winter is never going to end.  But, hey, in the doll world, it's spring if I say it's spring!  Can you tell that I'm desperate for some outdoor greenery?  The world just looks more alive when it's in color.

Precious Moments
Children of the World Holland and Italy

Aaaaah spring, the season of new beginnings....I am very fortunate to have received such cute doll outfits from a friend who began learning how to crochet doll clothes after I sneakily sent her a nakey doll for a little artistic inspiration!  And what a fine job she did, that in turn inspired me to take these very grassy photos....

A little background because I love doll stories:

Precious Moments Children of the World
From left to right: Spain, Holland, Italy, Sweden

Been a fan of Precious Moments for a very long time.  I couldn't afford those figurines so I never went that road.  Fast forward to present time when dolls have become a real passion.  It's ironic that my partner is a Precious Moments figurine collector.  While I was fully aware that the doll versions existed, I never went that road either because my fashion dolls were always a priority.  One day, however, I stumbled over an Etsy listing that I couldn't ignore: a bunch of naked Precious Moments dolls for an amazing price.

Apparently, the seller listing them found it in her mother's belongings after doing some cleaning.  They were in a suitcase, some still wrapped in plastic.  Her mother loved crafting things and lived near the Precious Moments chapel in Missouri so she could only assume that the dolls were bought naked, meant to be redressed.  Unfortunately, her mother has alzheimer's so she couldn't ask her to be sure.

Because there were nine of these naked cuties, the shipping cost to Canada exceeded the listing cost.  I resisted buying them....So how did they end up in my hands you ask?  It was nearing Christmas season at the time, and my sister, who is studying in Washington, had asked me what I wanted for the holidays and I jumped at the opportunity.  It cost less to ship to her so I ended up with the dollies after all.

On account of their nakedness, I'm such a crappy seamstress that it's taken me over a year to find a way to dress them.  I'm glad half of them are now clothed, two in Build-a-Bear Small Fry attires that loosely fit, two in handmade crocheted ones that fit well, one currently a crochet doll clothing model.  Happy dollie ending!

(Pam, you do know they need booties to go with the cute outfits....Oh, and BIG THANKEES!  Now go try some Barbie-sized ones!  Hahaha!)


  1. How wonderful that these dolls ended up living with you and what cute outfits your friend has made for them. I hope your Spring comes soon so you and your dolls can enjoy the sun.

  2. hahaha....if you only knew..i did try to make booties but i can't make the right size. I will try again...
    I like the green necklace..she now looks very elegant..hehehe

    pretty me


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