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Another Broken Doll Needing Love

Last month, a coworker of mine had found a broken porcelain doll in the trash near her home.  She knew I loved dolls so she gave it to me for some healing.  I'm not much of a doll restorer.  My joy in doll collecting is in photographing them, rather than restoring.  The broken petite Blythe I fixed in 2011  was such a challenge to me as it was.  To top it off, although I had a couple of them, I didn't really collect porcelain dolls seriously.

But I just couldn't say no.  My coworker was excited to have found the broken little thing and I suppose that positive energy had inspired me to want to do something for the doll.

She's fairly clean except for her face and feet.  The black stuff you see were from the boots she was wearing, which seemed to have started melting on her poor feet at some point, the shoes having no chance for repair.  I literally had to peel the suckers from her feet because they were like melted rubber.

Luckily she had the pieces for her head.  Otherwise, I really wouldn't have been able to do anything for her at all.

I totally forgot to take a picture of her dress before I washed it.  It was actually in pretty good condition except for the yellowing stains on some of the laces.  And I was surprised to know that it had zippers on the back rather than velcro.

Find out how she turns out next time!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain: your co-worker gives you a doll for you rebuild. I'm looking forward to seeing the perfect doll. Keep in touch

  2. Lucky your coworker found the other pieces of the head or I imagine it would have been an impossible job. It will be interesting to see the repaired doll.

    1. I think she was in a bag with the broken pieces and a part of her head was sticking out or something.


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