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Doll Tale Thursday #23: Welcome Kahlua

Meet Kahlua.  She reminds me of a coffee bean for reasons unknown.  Maybe it's her eyes?

Referencing from my PREVIOUS POST, her broken head has now been glued together.  I didn't bother gluing the head cap, where her original hair would have been, in case I wanted to do something with it in the future.  She didn't come with hair when she was given to me so I had to pull a hair donation from another unwanted doll.  I didn't glue the wig on either.  My coworker had pictured her as a bald cancer patient doll so I had to give the doll an option of being bald in her own time.

Her dress is original to her, now looking brand-spanking new, thanks to OxiClean and some laundry detergent.  I tried not to rub it too much as I was washing it so it wouldn't be so wrinkly.  It seems the front of it originally had buttons so I will have to find some vintage ones to sew on it one of these days.

Kahlua and Little Duffy

After I pieced Kahlua's head together and put a wig on her, I was quickly reminded of a wooden frame that my mom gave to me as a child.

I've had this frame for the longest time.  Always loved it because of that sitting doll but never actually had it displayed since I couldn't find the right wall for it.  So I dug it up the other day to compare to Kahlua...

In the end, I really enjoyed restoring this doll to a semi-glorious state.  Though barely visible with a wig on, Kahlua will always have her battle scars but, hey, she found her way home!

Happy Thursday!


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